Reengine Ventures aims at developing the operations of medium to large technology companies in Africa.

We offer tailor made solutions to enter African Markets, these solutions include:
– Access specific markets through strategic partnerships
– Localize the technologies to match market requirements
– Manage the local talents to ensure operational excellence
– Access financing through debt, equity, grants and strategic partnerships

Through an extensive network and years of experience in Africa, Reengine Venture provides a one stop solution for companies to best address African customers and ensure rapid growth of their businesses.


We believe that successful ventures are a combination of proven technology and unfair market access.

We create joint venture partnerships with market leaders which are based on 4 pillars: Currently operating Technology, unfair Market Access, top international and local Talent, and strategic operating Capital.

Our partnerships are meant to empower local leaders to beat global competition in their markets.



Singapore Office:

120 Robinson Road,
Singapore 068913