Reengine Ventures is focused on the growth opportunities of the African continent. We firmly believe that technology is the most critical enabler of progress and African lives are going to improve rapidly over the next decade. Our vision centres around solving first necessity problems for the 1.2 billion population of the continent.

Our aim is to invest, accelerate and create technology companies with high growth potential and strong impact on the social environment. Our team delivers solutions to the issues most high growth startups in Africa will face.

The Reengine Ventures team is specialized in specific growth pillars. We help scale business knowledge, boost technology development and leverage untapped opportunities.

Reengine Ventures  six growth pillars :

> Investment

> Technology

> Talent

> Business Development

> Access

> Governance & Strategy


Our strategy is driven by a number of criteria but the first and most important one is that we focus on high growth technology businesses that can scale to the entire African continent.

From our perspective, Africa is one market with clear nuances between countries but we’re building adaptable, reusable business models to provide scale across the region.

Another key criteria is that every business we accelerate, invest and build must bring positive social impact and be sustainable.

Today solutions for virtual infrastructure are critical for the continent. We’ve therefore selected key verticals which have strong demand, big potential, true impact and aggressive potential returns.

Reengine Ventures height verticals of focus:

> Transport

> Fintech

> Education

> Media

> Health

> Energy

> Food

> Security


GoZem – Africa’s Transportation App

neoKash – Mobile Banking in Africa




Singapore Office (HQ):
120 Robinson Road,
Singapore 068913

Johannesburg Office:
2nd Floor, Trumpet on Keyes Building,
21 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank

New York Office:
97 N 10th St,
11249 Brooklyn
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